The firm of SPACE MASTERS of Los Angeles, California has been in practice for the past 14 years, consisting of highly motivated and involved professionals with wide variety of experiences who perform all of the architectural, planning and interior design functions and offer comprehensive engineering services through close and continued working relationship with a few select engineering consultants.

Michael M. Ko, principal architect of SPACE MASTERS, has been providing comprehensive professional service in architecture, planning, engineering and interior design for all types of commercial, residential and institutional projects. After obtaining his Master's degree in Architecture at University of California, Berkeley, he has various experiences in all phases of architectural projects as a registered architect of State of California.

The principal and associates are well-trained, creative. And productive individuals joined together in a smooth operation and efficient team concept that often times are individually tailored to the requirement of our client's need.

As the result of continuously providing the highest quality professional services in all phases of architectural and engineering work, we feel that our philosophies of active client involvement in the project's pre-design and design phases and our organization of defined job responsibilities are the reasons for our success.

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